The Lights Community and Sports Centre lives up to its name

Always vibrant and filled with energy, it’s where all are welcome to come and learn and participate, try new activities and get involved. From sports and wellbeing, to corporate and social events, this is your community centre.

Your sports venue

At The Lights we have world-class facilities to suit players of any age and ability – across a huge range of all-inclusive sports.

Your wellbeing zone

If there’s an activity you can think of, we’ve probably got it covered at The Lights – and if we don’t, we’d like to hear what you’d like to see at the Centre.

Your community hub

You don’t need a pair of trainers to be able to enjoy The Lights – we have spaces for all kinds of gatherings for the whole community – from corporate to casual.

Coach is sitting with a basketball in hand
The North Adelaide Basketball Club, The Rockets, have found their new home at The Lights Community and Sports Centre after moving from Hillcrest Stadium.
Exterior view of the centre
Our vision is to provide community members, clubs and groups with the support, programs and resources they need to become stronger and to improve their quality of life.
An exterior view of The Lights community and sports centre
Understandably, everyone involved here at The Lights is incredibly proud of what has been built, and what’s on offer. But what is that, exactly?

If you want to get involved at The Lights in any of our sports and wellbeing events, or have a general enquiry about the venue, feel free to contact us.