Every picture tells a story

There are three pieces of art at The Lights – each with its own story to tell. Read about the artists’ stories below.

Into the Lights

mural on front of building with the aboriginal
faces Artists: Thomas Readett and Elizabeth Close

This mural captures notions of place, identity, community and inclusion as well as the resilience that exists among all cultures and peoples. The young Aboriginal female represents First Nations acknowledgement, determination, strength and leadership. The central model represents childhood, curiosity, wonder and growth. The old male model in the background basically represents a wise gaze, this gaze could tell a million stories and that’s why it isn't a full face. The intention is that anyone who looks into eyes like that would have their own story to associate.


"mural on back of building" Artists: Seb Humphreys and Matt Fortrose

This mural exists as recognition of both artist’s contemporary practices, organic and structured while respecting the architecture of the new build. Using colour, texture and line, the piece suggests a connected flow spanning the length of the wall with chances of discovery through a mix of bold and subtle overlaps. Alluding to a surreal landscape but still abstract in narrative, the mural is an opportunity for the viewer to adopt their own interpretation of the work and appreciate the artists’ depiction of colour and light.

The Gathering

Interior view of centre, showing some courts and mural on the wall Artist: Datsun Tran

This work explores what Datsun thinks are our best qualities: competition and cooperation. His work mainly features animals, but the work is about us, the human story. It’s a story about the two sides to us: the determination and fight we have in us to better ourselves and our ability to cooperate and form communities, which has seen us flourish. Being a child of refugees, Datsun knows the struggles to starting a life in a new land. He wanted a diverse range of animals mingling together, a real melting pot that reflects the local identity. A gathering. One where creatures of any size and origin are in a friendly race together. Connection to each other makes us push further, higher and generally speaking, we make each other better.