The Lights is the home of the North Adelaide Rockets

The North Adelaide Basketball Club, The Rockets, have found their new home at The Lights Community and Sports Centre after moving from Hillcrest Stadium. This move is also a huge upgrade for the club as they move from a two-court stadium to a new facility boasting up to five state-of-the-art courts.

The move couldn’t come fast enough for David Durant, Vice President of Basketball at the club.

“Hillcrest is just too small for us now, we need to branch out into something bigger and The Lights gives us that opportunity,” says David.

Growing the club in its new venue should not be too much of an issue with long waiting lists expected to be able to be contacted to build new squads that can take advantage of the space.

“In one age group we have a waiting list of 30 kids that would like to play,” says David, “And if you've got a two-court stadium as we had at Hillcrest you just can't accommodate those kids.”

For David it is not just about having access to better and more court space, he is also aware of the chance to turn The Lights into a fortress for The Rockets. This will take time but the ability to have all the club activities, not just games, within the same venue will help the venue develop its own culture and reputation.

“We would like to be able to use the function rooms upstairs for dinners and things of that nature.

“At the end of the Premier League season we have a dinner for 100 to 120 people, so having access to these facilities all in one location is great for the Club.”

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